Code of Ethical Conduct


The following Code of Ethical Conduct applies to all faculty, staff, and students

  • Treat others, and their ideas, with dignity and respect.
  • Do not denigrate or belittle others with negative gossip.
  • Diversity of belief is normal. Damaging others over beliefs is destructive.
  • Pursue mutual benefits when dealing with each other.
  • Apply the Golden Rule works – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Strive for honesty, fairness and tolerance in all relationships.
  • Find solutions, not scapegoats.
  • When faced with an ethics dilemma ask:o Will it be legal?
    o Will it be fair to all?
    o Will I be comfortable with public knowledge?

Of all the necessary characteristics of leadership, Moral Leadership will remain the most influential – for good or for bad – just as it has throughout recorded history on earth. Moral Leadership and the reverence for life within ethical civilizations, which is a Kepler Space Institute philosophy, should exist for humans living anywhere in the universe.

Any written code serves as a general standard of conduct. It cannot substitute for personal integrity and good judgment. Personal compliance with an agreed Code of Ethical Conduct is the only guarantee that ethical or moral violations will not occur.

For KSI courses we have another policy, related to this Code, considering the research nature of our work. Scholars and the professors conducting the courses agree that no course content will be shared with anyone outside the class, or on social networks, without the approval of the creator of the material.

Research and dialogue must be open and uninhibited to facilitate the benefits of idea sharing of content that can be sensitive or commercially valuable. Although Kepler Space Institute cannot guarantee confidentiality of information shared during the course, this agreement sensitizes course members to the requirement for respect and confidentiality of each other’s creativity.

Students or faculty found not adhering to the KSI Code of Ethical Conduct will be placed on probation until they are reviewed by the ethics committee in no more than 30 days from the time the incident was reported. It is the conviction of the KSI Administration that full compliance with this Code will both prevent or reduce problems, and facilitate success for the global education and research goals we have set to capture the abundance of Space for humankind’s needs.