Science of Laws for Space Development 12 hours

The Spacefaring Age, defined as the expansion of humankind on to the space frontier, promises significant benefits and advances to the human condition. The course will focus on the The Spacefaring Age, the “Planet Moon Project,” the parameters that define laws, lawmaking, and systems of governance, and an introduction to the concept of the science of laws.


$1250 USD

Science of Laws for Space Development

Course Description – Review, discuss the following:

  • Relevance of government to space exploration and settlement
  • Evolution of government, laws, and lawmaking
  • Purpose and categories of government
  • Laws of government, rule of law and the parameters of human flourishing
  • Development, methodologies and purpose of science and engineering
  • Traditional lawmaking and reasons for the failure of laws
  • Concept of the science of laws and its application to space settlements
  • Class project assignments – presented, discussed

12 hours

Course Objectives and learning outcomes

Interactive Hours: Six two-hour zoom lectures and discussion sessions, individual projects

Understand concepts:

  1. Government purpose and categories
  2. Structure of laws, rule of law
  3. Traditional lawmaking
  4. Methodologies and value of science and engineering
  5. Science of laws, space settlement, and human flourishing

Module I Introduction and Definitions

Discussions will focus on the Spacefaring Age, the “Planet Moon Project,” and the parameters that define laws, lawmaking, and the purpose of government. 

2 hours

Module II Government and Laws

The evolution and “ecological niche” of humans, and the subsequent development of government, laws, and traditional lawmaking will be discussed.  The subject matter will include a review of authoritarian and democratic governments, the “rule of man,” and the “rule of law.”  

2 hours

Module III Science and Engineering

The structure, mechanics, objectives, and value of investigative science (“science”) and creative science (“engineering”) will be analyzed, along with the history of science and engineering.    

2 hours

Module IV Traditional Lawmaking

The structure, mechanics, and outcome of the traditional method of lawmaking including its defects, omissions, and threat to stable and beneficial government, will be analyzed.  

2 hours

Module V Scientific Lawmaking

The concept, status, and potential benefits of a new science (science and engineering) of laws will be presented; the potential for its application to future space governments will be discussed.

2 hours

Reading/Viewing for the Course:

 Learning Resources (readings, papers, books, presentations, videos, links etc.)

  • Slide / video presentations of subject matter
  • Readings: selected pdf chapters and appendices of “lawbook:” “THE END OF CHAOS: Quality laws and the ascendancy of democracy,” and of “moonbook:” “THE MOON: Resources, Future Development and Settlement
  • Ancillary reading:
    • The Great Ideas – Syntopicon
      • Chapters on aristocracy, citizen, constitution, democracy, dialectic, government, justice, knowledge, law, liberty, mechanics, monarchy, philosophy, progress, reasoning, rhetoric, science, slavery, truth, tyranny, war and peace, wealth, and wisdom.
    • Machiavelli, “The Prince,” Marx, “Communist Manifesto,” J.S. Mill, “On Liberty and Utilitarianism,” and Locke, “Two Treatises of Government”

Dr. David Schrunk


BS, Aerospace Engineering, MD (Medicine), Specialties: Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Radiology, Founder, Science of Laws Institute, Author, THE MOON: Resources, Future Development and Settlement, Author, THE END OF CHAOS: Quality Laws and the Ascendancy of Democracy


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